Jira Automation - Changing Status & Creating Clone & Adding Comment| Best Practices

Mert Kadir Gursoy
4 min readFeb 9, 2022


To begin with, Jira Automation may seem a little bit confusing but I’ll try to explain how and why we use it.

Let’s start with the most necessary ones.

To create a new automation rule please follow up the following steps below.

Go to the Project > From “Left Nav Bar” > Click the Automation > Create a New Rule

Now, we will create the conditions (below) for the rule step by step.

How to “Sum Up Story Points (From Sub-Tasks to Parent Issue)” ?

How To “Change Assignee User & Add A Comment In Card (Once The Issue Status Is Changed”?

How To Check If “Definition of Done” field is “Empty” And Move It Backward To Previous Status? (D.O.D CHECK)

How To Create An Issue Once An Epic Is Created?

How To Change Status Of An Epic From “In Progress” To “Done” Once Its All “User Stories” Are Done?

How To Change Status Of An Epic From “To Do” or “Done” To “In Progresss” Once Its “User Story” is moved to In Progress ?

How To Update Sprint Value of A “Blocked Issue” Automatically Once Its “Blocker Issue’s Sprint Value” Is Changed?

How To Create/Clone An Issue In Another Board Automatically Once A New Issue Is Created?

How To Change Status of The Related Issue from In Progress To Done In Another Board Automatically Once Its Clone Issue On Your Board Is Moved To Done ?

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